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19th April 2024

Demi-God #1 (Review)


Demi-God #1 IDW Publishing, April 2018 Writer: Ron Marz Demi-God is a new comic book series from IDW Publishing, published as part of a new line of comics created in partnership with Ominous Press, with its continuity dubbed the “Ominous Universe”. Many readers will most likely come across Demi-God #1 because of the prestige of … Read more

Green Lantern #50-#51: Parallax Error (Review)

Green Lantern #50-#51
DC Comics, March, April 2016
Writer: Robert Venditti

In his book “Come in Alone” (AIT/Planet Lar, 2001), British writer Warren Ellis furiously laments the brand loyalties of readers of superhero comics, such that some of them publicly admit on message boards that they would rather read poorly-written material about favourite characters than suffer fundamental changes to those characters. In his book Mr Ellis lambasts readers of this ilk, describing them as essentially responsible for the creative malaise and commercial degeneration of the American comic book industry.

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