World Comic Book Review

25th September 2023

Ex Machina (revisited) —“Try talking to my marbles”

Writer: Brian K. Vaughan Artists: Tony Harris, Tom Feister Vertigo Comics, 2004–2010 BRAINS BOND WITH MACHINERY in a natural texture like grain in wood, fleshing out a living creature beyond us. It looks natural to talk to machines like kin as occurs in EX MACHINA by Brian K. Vaughan, started in 2004, and now collected … Read more

Flash Gordon: Invasion of the Red Sword (revisited)—“Royal cleavages healed at last on planet Mongo”

Writer: Brendan Deneen Artist: Eduardo Garcia Colorist: Estudio Haus Ardden, June 2012 TWO BABES ON THE COVER attracted my attention to the first issue of this six-issue set, “Invasion of the Red Sword,” and also made me hesitate, yet it turns out the flesh factor is minimal in this rendering of classic space adventurer Flash … Read more

Milky #1-4 (review)

Writer: Joshua SaxonArtist: Gian Fernando Joshua Saxon Comics, 2021 What if crocodilian aliens lead by a being called Lord Moofu invaded England looking to kidnap Earth girls, but were vulnerable to cow’s milk? Such is the zany proposition behind Milky, an independently published comic book from writer Joshua Saxon and with strong art from Gian Fernando. (Another … Read more