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20th April 2024

Eclipse #1 (review)

Eclipse #1 (review)
Image Comics/ Top Cow, October 2016
Writer: Zack Kaplan

The premise of a catastrophic solar event has roots in reality. In 1859, a massive solar flare called the Carrington Event caused telegraph poles to burst into flames and covered the Earth in beautiful auroras. Should such an enormous radiation pulse occur in the digital age, the consequences would be disastrous.

Writer Zack Kaplan takes this concept further. In this first issue of “Eclipse”, Mr Kaplan paints us a dire picture of the Sun as a scourge of life. Billions died when the Sun inexplicably brightened, burning all living things. Surviving humans are nocturnal. As the sun rises, police officers in New York’s Time Square assist to round up citizens and get them undercover before the morning sun can strike them down. This planet-changing event is called “the Flare” by the community of survivors, an inaccurate term for an ongoing and unrelenting solar radiation particle cloud.

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