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20th April 2024

Spider-Man #12 (Review)

Spider-Man #12
Marvel Comics, March 2017
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

The cover to this comic book, produced by American comic book publisher Marvel Comics, features two people, upside-down, kissing in a nod to the famous kissing scene between actors Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst in the motion picture “Spider-Man” (2002). Both of the characters featured on the cover of this comic book, Spider-Man and Spider-Woman (a character in her own title, called “Spider-Gwen”), are irregularly moulded, in a figurative sense. The large American comic book publishers maintain vast but frayed continuities, and use parallel universes as a plot device to allowing various characters to interact, where common sense or the publisher’s continuity itself would otherwise dictate that they should not interact. In this case, Miles Morales, a version of the famous Marvel character Spider-Man by originating from now defunct parallel universe, is kissing Gwen Stacey, a version of Spider-Woman but from yet a separate dimension. This is much like a shell game: it takes concentrating to follow the sleight-of-hand and determine in which universe the characters are operating.

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REVIEW: All-New Wolverine Annual #1 (2016)

All-New Wolverine Annual #1 (2016) (review)
Marvel Comics, August 31, 2016
Writer: Tom Taylor

“All-New Wolverine” Annual #1 features a crossover between two Marvel superheroes, Spider-Woman and Wolverine, who are at the forefront of the American publisher’s All-New, All Different (ANAD) creative initiative. The ANAD initiative refreshes many properties by introducing replacements and variations of existing characters. In this case, the role of Marvel Comics’ iconic antihero Wolverine is assumed by a female clone of the character named Laura Kinney, and one of Marvel Comics’ most famous characters, Spider-Man, is replaced by a former love interest named Gwen Stacey, who happens to be from an alternate reality and has superpowers.

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