World Comic Book Review

29th February 2024

Action Comics #1061 (review)

Writer: Jason Aaron Artist: John Timms DC Comics, March 2024. Reading Superman stories involving Bizarro, a flawed duplicate of Superman first appearing in 1958, is likely to induce a mild headache. Everything the character says needs to be read in the negative, and occasionally the double-negative. (Creator Otto Binder has a lot to answer for.) … Read more

SUPERMAN YEAR ONE (revisited)—”Or not”

Story and Art: Frank Miller, John Romita Jr.           Inks and Colors: Danny Miki, Alex Sinclair DC Comics, 2019 TEARFULLY I TREAD the remains of two stellar careers. The oversize “prestige” format of SUPERMAN: YEAR ONE with the names of writer/artist team Frank Miller and John Romita Jr. stamped on top drew me like a magnet. … Read more

Rogues (review) —”Who can possibly lead these beasts?”

Writer: Joshua Williamson Artists: Leomacs, Matheus Lopes, Jason Wordie DC Comics Black Label, March – October 2022 BALD-HEADED BAD GUYS can have a sensitive charm alongside that slithery sneer that gives them away. You may know some of the characters gathered in ROGUES, now up to Issue 3, written by Joshua Williamson, infesting a universe … Read more