World Comic Book Review

2nd December 2023

Augmented #1 (review)

Augmented #1 (review) Tenacious Comics, 2016 Writer: Bill Stoddard Science fiction writer William Gibson’s most famous work, “Neuromancer” (1982, Doubleday Books) featured a character named Molly. Molly was an mercenary who had various technological implants – accelerated reflexes, night vision, and retractable razors built into her fingertips. In a sequel, “Mona Lisa Overdrive” (1988), Molly … Read more

Rapid Eye #1 (review)

Rapid Eye #1 (review) Tenacious Comics, 2016 Writer: Bobby Torres There is a memorable sequence in the beginning of this comic which best describes the title’s worth. An audience member asks a question of a speaker: “What risks or side effects does dream invasion technology present? The answer, from Dr Krupke, the man responsible for … Read more