World Comic Book Review

3rd March 2024

The Exterminators (revisited) – “Spare me the awesome burden of our last days oh lord”

Writer: Simon Oliver Artist: Tony Moore Vertigo Comics, 2006 DUMB FASCINATION AND HORROR propelled me through Issue 1 of THE EXTERMINATORS off a 10-cent rack, the pages crinkled with water damage, and a giant cockroach on the cover. The title appeared in thirty issues starting in 2006. Needing more, I carried around a stack of … Read more

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (revisited) —“Someone speaks to me from a long distance off”

Writer: Alan Moore Artist: Kevin O’Neill America’s Best Comics, 1999, 2002, 2018 NOCTURNAL MAMMALS relinquished daylight to the dragons and those long nights I believe remain in us. At the end of the nineteenth century and decades on as whale oil turned to gas and then electric lamps, and rails and ships and alternate power … Read more

Fables (review)—“Fairies can take anything you dish out”

Created by Bill Willingham Art: Mark Buckingham + a Wonderland of Artists Vertigo Comics, ONCE UPON A TIME in the early 1990s, William Willingham produced whole comic books himself in black and white with a fine pencil, a fabulous imagination, and a rare wit. Issues of Ironwood and Coventry were one-of-a-kind classics before FABLES launched … Read more