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29th February 2024

The sharpest of swords: Doomsday Clock #1-3 (review)

The sharpest of swords: Doomsday Clock #1-3 DC Comics, February 2018 Writer: Geoff Johns We have read promotional interviews relating to Doomsday Clock #1 (published by US publisher DC Comics), and more specifically, those interviews with Geoff Johns, the writer who purports to advance Alan Moore’s comic, Watchmen. It is akin to observing a novice … Read more

DC Comics’ Legal Problem with the Comedian’s Iconic Badge

Recognised in 2016 by the BBC as one of the pivotal steps in the evolution comic books , Alan Moore’s “Watchmen” contains repeated references to a stylised smiley face. This is the emblem of the amoral character The Comedian, who evolves into an assassin and high profile trouble-shooter for the Nixon administration. (Alan Moore, Watchmen … Read more