World Comic Book Review

2nd December 2023

Happy 20th birthday, The Power Company (and a nostalgic look at the long-lost DCMBs)

Writer: Kurt Busiek Art: Tom Grummett DC Comics, 2002 Back in 2002, long before the days of social media platforms, American publisher DC Comics operated a message board antecedent to its main website. Several creators frequented the DCMBs, as these message boards were known, mostly to help generate sales but also to interact with the … Read more

Shark of War #5 (review)

Writer and Artist: Ben Lacy Biting Comics, 2022 Rather sadly, in 2019, a friendly and inquisitive Beluga whale was found swimming off the coast of Norway with a camera attached to a harness around its neck. The BBC website reported at the time: “An investigation was launched by Norway’s domestic intelligence agency, which has since … Read more

Almost American (review) —“Running in circles arrives at the same place”

Author: Ron Marz Artists: Marco Castiello, Flavio Dispenza, Juanchoi Created by Jan Neumann Aftershock, 2021-2022 TWO PEOPLE SOMETIMES make a pair. Comfortable mates. Watching the husband-and-wife couple in the first issues of ALMOST AMERICAN as they thread their way from sensitive Russian state intelligence jobs to exile, seeking a new home in America as the … Read more