World Comic Book Review

2nd March 2024

Clara de noche (review)

Writers : Carlos Trillo & Eduardo Maicas Artist : Jordi Bernet El Jueves (Spain), Página 12 (Argentina) 1992-2005 Prostitution is a concept we usually have quite a few problems with. On the one hand, it is a matter of using another person’s body. On the other we should be ready to state that, if both … Read more

Embroderies (review): Marjan Satrapi’s tale of women, sewing and surgery hits many powerful chords.

Creator: Marjane Satrapi Jonathan Cape, 2008 If you’ve ever seen or heard of anything from Marjane Satrapi, it’s probably her groundbreaking work Persepolis which was a graphic novel and then a cartoon movie. Maybe it’s Chicken with Plums, which she adapted into a live action film, but if you’ve seen or heard of the latter, … Read more