World Comic Book Review

28th September 2023

River of Blood (review)

Writer : Sean Fahey Artist : Carlos Trigo Colorist : Jok Letterer : Kel Nuttal Black Jack Press, 2021 Sword and sorcery is a subgenre of fantasy. The main rules, which are not always to be followed blindly in every little detail, are the presence of blood, that is, a kind of violence that puts … Read more

Talgard: Tome One (review)

Written by Gary Proudley Illustrated by Jake Bartok, James Brouwer, Mitch Collins, Holly Fox, Scott Fraser, Katie Houghton-Ward, Marc Noble, Skye Ogden, Craig Phillips, Sarah Winifred Searle, Trev Wood Gestalt Comics, February 2020 Save for Groo the Wanderer and Cerebus, sword-and-sorcery warriors tend to be big hulking fellows in loin clothes, or angry women with … Read more