World Comic Book Review

1st December 2023

Justice #1-3 Review

Writer: Brian Lambert Artist: Fabio Simao Wingless Comics, 2022 Sometimes a story in the middle of a saga is a great place to start. Film series like Rocky, Fast & Furious, Mission Impossible and so on are often made to be accessible to new audience members with every instalment. Justice feels like that kind of … Read more

Embroderies (review): Marjan Satrapi’s tale of women, sewing and surgery hits many powerful chords.

Creator: Marjane Satrapi Jonathan Cape, 2008 If you’ve ever seen or heard of anything from Marjane Satrapi, it’s probably her groundbreaking work Persepolis which was a graphic novel and then a cartoon movie. Maybe it’s Chicken with Plums, which she adapted into a live action film, but if you’ve seen or heard of the latter, … Read more

Friday (review): Ed Brubaker and Marcos Martin look at child detectives and what kind of adults they could grow up to be.

Now, imagine Encyclopedia Brown taking on cases that involve Lovecraftian nightmare creatures, but with the New England flavor swapped out for a Mid Western taste profile. That’s the second half of the equation from two creators named Marcos and Ed. One could tell you what the third part of the formula is… but that would … Read more

Wren #1-3 (review)

A story both timely and timeless. Creator: Peter Taylor Independent, 2021-2022 Every once in awhile, the timing of a story’s release can be just as important as it’s contents. Such is the case with Wren by Peter Taylor. Here is the promotional copy from the Kickstart website: Wren is a thrilling historical fantasy story that’s … Read more