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29th November 2023

Farlaine the Goblin Book 5: The Vaultlands (Review)

Farlaine the Goblin: Book 5: The Vaultlands Pug Grumble, 2017 Writer: Anonymous We do not know who the writer of this comic is. We would very much like to know. The reason for that is because this comic is fun, clever, whimsical, and entirely beyond the skills and resources of the average creative writer/artist. Our … Read more

The World Hates Jimmy #1 (review)

The World Hates Jimmy #1 (review)
WP Comics Ltd, October 2016
Writer: DC Johnson

John Kricfalusi is the founder of a curious, zany comedy style characterised by manic extremes of emotion and visually disgusting concepts all sitting in the vehicle of a children’s cartoon. Examples of this style range from “The Ren and Stimpy Show” (1991-1995) to “Spongbob Squarepants” (1999-present).

This title sits firmly within Mr Kricfalusi aesthetic vision, and the writer, DC Johnson, is clearly Mr Kricfalusi’s acolyte.

The protagonist, Jimmy, has a girl problem. His long-standing crush Holly is murdered in an explosion by a psychotic female classmate, who ultimately kidnaps Jimmy, coerces him into a wedding, and guilts him into armed robbery, with the two reduced living in a cardboard box. If this grim scenario was a live action television show on Netflix it would have a mature rating.

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Swine Before Pearls: Pugad Baboy

Pugad Baboy
May 15, 1988 – Jun 4, 2013
Philippine Daily Inquirer
Author: Pol Medina, Jr.

Pol Medina Jr.’s “Pugad Baboy” (lit. “Pig’s Nest”) is one of the most successful comic strips in the Philippines in terms of revenue and influence. The series started in one of the country’s established daily broadsheets, the Philippine Daily Inquirer, on May 18, 1988. It gained enough popularity to warrant a successful line of merchandise, yearly compilations, full-sized comic book spin-offs, and even a star-studded live action TV series (which, unfortunately, failed to see commercial success).

The comic strip is set in a fictional Filipino community, with focus revolving around several families:

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