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25th September 2023

Hawkeye #1 (review)

Hawkeye #1
Marvel Comics, December 14, 2016
Writer: Kelly Thompson

“Hawkeye” #1 is a new series from American comic book publisher Marvel Comics that revolves around an archer superhero. But this title focuses on the third (and the first female) character to bear the name, Kate Bishop. This is a change: “Hawkeye” is ordinary a vehicle for the adventures of the long-established character Clint Barton, who is arguably more recognizable by virtue of being the original and having a key presence in the Marvel cinematic universe (and from being portrayed in comic books since 1964). (We note that Matt Fraction’s work on the 2012 “Hawkeye” series devoted the second of the three volumes of the collected work to Kate Bishop’s quirky adventures in Los Angeles, which is the seedbed for this title.)

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About the Death of Many Cats

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