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25th September 2023

Despicable Deadpool #290 (Review)

Despicable Deadpool #290 Marvel Comics, December 2017 Writer: Gerry Duggan In 2015, the Deadpool motion picture adaptation that featured actor Ryan Reynolds’ larger-than-life portrayal of the psychotic, near-unkillable mercenary was so successful that it rejuvenated the franchise and attracted a new generation of fans outside of comic books. But US publisher Marvel Comics (the owner … Read more

Extraordinary X-Men #10: Hiding the dust of time under the rug

Extraordinary X-Men #10 (review)
(Marvel Comics, July 2016)
Writer: Jeff Lemire

“Uncanny X-men” is the title of a long-running comic book series published by US comic book publisher Marvel Comics. The extraordinary success of the title can be laid squarely at the feet of meticulous character writer Chris Claremont, who penned the first series of the title for a phenomenal sixteen years (from 1975 to 1991). During this period Mr Claremont introduced innovative staple elements to the title and its many spin-offs. Some of these are very esoteric but popular with readers: a multiplicity of new and complex characters, nasty mutant xenophobia, the Shi’ar alien empire, the rehabilitation of arch villain Magneto, the poignant death(s) of mainstay character and telepath Jean Grey, and, significantly here, time travel as a vehicle for demonstrating how far down the protagonists of the title and the world can descend into dystopia should the X-Men fail.

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