World Comic Book Review

3rd December 2023

Biblical Grandeur: Lucifer #14-15 (Review)

Lucifer #14-15
DC Comics, January-February, 2017
Writer: Richard Kadrey

The 14th issue of Vertigo’s relaunch of the Lucifer comic book series is notable for two reasons.
First, it marks the start of a new story arc. The previous issue (which we have reviewed before) was a holiday special that serves as a much needed break after Lucifer and his cohorts have finally solved the mystery of who killed God (addressed in our review of the first issue here). It turns out that it was not so much a murder as it is a suicide, with God destroying himself so that he can be reborn. (The trouble with this is that this God 2.0 seems to be more in line with the Old Testament version of God – vengeful, aggressive, and autocratic.)

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