World Comic Book Review

3rd December 2023

Hotel: Since 2079 (Review)

Hotel: Since 2079
Kodansha, 2004/2006
Author: Boichi (Mujik Park)

In 2004, South Korean Manhwa artist Mujik Park wrote and illustrated a sci-fi manhwa titled “Hotel: Since 2076” under the nom de plume “Boichi.” The manhwa told the story of an artificially intelligent tower tasked with preserving DNA samples of life on Earth, as the planet had become uninhabitable and all living things ceased to exist.

In 2006, Boichi’s “Hotel: Since 2079” was picked up by Japanese manga publisher Kodansha for its “Weekly Morning” magazine. An updated version was created as the first in a 5-chapter serial anthology under the “Hotel” brand. In addition to the updated “Hotel: Since 2079”, the serial also includes “Present”, “Subete wa Maguro no Tame data” (“It Was All for the Tuna”), “Stephanos”, and “Diadem”. Some of these stories reference events in “Hotel: Since 2079” but are not necessarily beholden to its continuity.

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