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3rd December 2023

Luke Cage #1 (Review)

Luke Cage #1 Marvel Comics, May 2017 Writer: David Walker “Luke Cage” is a new comic book series from American publisher Marvel Comics that focuses on an African American superhero, an ex-convict that gained indestructible skin and enhanced strength after taking part in a secret government experiment in exchange for a commuted sentence. The Luke … Read more

Dig It! – Cage #1 (Review)

Cage #1
Marvel Comics, October 5, 2016
Writer: Genndy Tartakovsky

“Cage #1” is a new mini-series from American comic book publisher Marvel Comics, featuring the African-American hero named Luke Cage. This is a character that is currently experiencing broad, renewed brand interest due to the launch of a live action Netflix television series (which, at time of writing, is enjoying positive reviews from both fans and critics.) Luke Cage’s defining trait is that he is an ex-convict who volunteered for a government experiment in exchange for freedom, with the experiment resulting in extremely durable “titanium” skin and enhanced strength.

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