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27th September 2023

Dark Knight: A True Batman Story (Review)

“Dark Knight: A True Batman Story”
DC Comics, June 21 2016
Writer: Paul Dini

Contrary to both expectations and the title, DC Comics’ graphic novel “Dark Knight: A True Batman Story” is not about DC Comics’ Batman character. Rather, it revolves around writer and producer Paul Dini.

Mr Dini started his successful and multi-award winning career in the 1990s as a writer for Warner Bros, most notably for the animated series “Tiny Toon Adventures” and the iconic “Batman: The Animated Series”. But the main plot of “Dark Knight: A True Batman Story” hinges on an incident that happened to Mr Dini on an unspecified date. Mr Dini was walking home from a date and happened upon two men, who proceeded to beat him within an inch of his life before robbing him of his wallet. The entire incident absorbs but a few pages of this 100+ paged graphic novel. But it is a very powerful scene based upon an event which had a significant effect upon Mr Dini.

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