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25th September 2023

The Wrong Earth #1 (review)

the wrong earth

The Wrong Earth #1 Ahoy Comics, September 2018 Writer: Tom Peyer In 1986, American comic book publisher DC Comics published Frank Miller’s landmark Batman comic book, The Dark Knight Returns. As Nirvana’s Nevermind grunge rock album slit the throat of 80s hair metal, and as William Gibson’s watershed novel Neuromancer submerged Asimov interstellar science fiction, … Read more

Captain Kid #1: Make it Beautiful

Captain Kid #1 (review)
Aftershock Comics
(July 2016)
Writers: Mark Waid & Tom Peyer

“Captain Kid” is a superhero comic book published by Aftershock Comics, with scribes Mark Waid and Tom Peyer serving as co-creators and co-writers.

Without taking away anything from Mr Peyer, who is a well-known comic book writer, fans of the American genre will immediately know the influential body of work of Mr Waid. More recently Mr Waid has proven adept at creating works that take established mainstream superhero franchises and grounding them in reality, without being spiteful of the suspension of belief inherent to the genre.

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