World Comic Book Review

20th September 2023

Motor Crush #1 (review)

Motor Crush #1
Image Comics, 2016
Creators: Brenden Fletcher, Cameron Strewart, and Babs Tarr

“Motor Crush”# 1 is a debut that showcases high-octane racing. For the colorful participants of these races, glorious victory and fiery death are separated by a very thin line. For readers of this new series by American publisher Image Comics, this first issue has much in common with that do-or-die virtue of racing. As it hurtles toward the final page’s finish line, “Motor Crush” feels like it is veering in a fastlane, poised between succeeding and spinning out entirely. The result is fast-paced debut that stays on track and is undeniably charming in its commitment to world-building.

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