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25th September 2023

The X Files Origins: Dog Days of Summer #1 (Review)

The X Files Origins: Dog Days of Summer #1 IDW Publishing, June 2017 Writers: Jody Houser, Matthew Dow Smith “Dog Days of Summer” is the second iteration of US comic book publisher IDW Publishing’s “The-X Files Origins” series. The title leverages the cult-popularity of the 1990s sci-fi television series X-Files by crafting stories centered around … Read more

The X-Files: Deviations – A Whole Lot of Nothing

The X-Files: Deviations – Time and Being
IDW Publishing, March 2016
Writer: Amy Chu

In March 2016, American comic book publisher IDW Publishing launched a publishing campaign dubbed ‘Deviations’. This campaign at essence is a set of standalone stories for IDW Publishing’s titles that play around with the concept of alternate realities, not as a plot point but as an entire concept. The “Deviations” one-shot issues do not explain why the presented reality is different from the established one, if indeed such an explanation is necessary, and instead each issue jumps straight into the parallel universe story. In the “Transformers: Deviations” one-shot, a character that died in mainstream community survived. In the “X-Files: Deviations” issue, the male protagonist of the famous science fiction television series, Fox Mulder, is replaced in the narrative by the character’s sister.

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