World Comic Book Review

7th June 2023

Emily: Emergence (Review)

Writer: Chaz K Art: Ken Bastard Futurebound Comics, December 2019 Emily: Emergence is a psychological science fiction comic written by Chaz K, with illustrations and colors provided by Ken Bastard and Nathan Lum respectively. The story revolves around the titular character who is a college student struggling with the pressure of an upcoming exam, exacerbated … Read more

Marvel Zombies: Destroy! (revisited)

Writers: Frank Marraffino and Peter David Artist: Mirco Pierfederici Marvel Comics, 2011-2012 Back in December 2005, American superhero comic book publisher Marvel Comics published a 5-issue limited series titled Marvel Zombies. It was very popular. The series revolves around an alternate universe in which all of Marvel’s superheroes, save for a handful of survivors, have … Read more

Breakwater (Review)

Creator: Katriona Chapman Avery Hill Press, 2021 Katriona Chapman’s Breakwater is a non-fiction graphic novel centered on the mundane life of Chris, a woman in her 40s who is an introverted loner that spent a large part of her life working in a local theater called Breakwater Picture House. The copy to the title reads … Read more