World Comic Book Review

28th November 2023

Saga #55 (review)

Writer: Brian K. VaughanArtist: Fiona StaplesImage Comics, 2022 The wait has been long, but Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples’ seminal work Saga is finally back. After the cliffhanger at the breath-taking finale of part one, the series went into an extended hiatus, leaving followers of the book (including this reviewer) waiting for almost four … Read more

She-Hulk #1 (review): “Back to basics”

Writer: Rainbow RowellArtist: Roge AntonioColorist: Rico RenziMarvel Comics, 2022 While the mildly controversial run of She-Hulk led by Mariko Tamaki was certainly good (and definitely not as bad as some may lead you to believe), it was lacking, at least for me, in certain aspects that tended to make She-Hulk books stand out from other … Read more