World Comic Book Review

3rd December 2023

Lobo / Road Runner Special (Review)

Lobo/Road Runner Special DC Comics, June 2017 Writer: Bill Morrison Anyone with passing familiarity with the starring characters of this new title will understandably be immediately skeptical. American publisher DC Comics’ new “Lobo/Road Runner Special” comic sounds ghastly. In the past few months DC Comics has launched a creative initiative that pairs its superhero genre … Read more

Farlaine the Goblin Book 5: The Vaultlands (Review)

Farlaine the Goblin: Book 5: The Vaultlands Pug Grumble, 2017 Writer: Anonymous We do not know who the writer of this comic is. We would very much like to know. The reason for that is because this comic is fun, clever, whimsical, and entirely beyond the skills and resources of the average creative writer/artist. Our … Read more

Big Moose #1 (Review)

Big Moose #1 Archie Comics Publications, June 2017 Writers: Sean Ryan, Ryan Cady, Gorf “Big Moose” is a new comic book “one-shot” spin off from United States publisher Archie Comics’ line of teen-targeted comedy series. It features the ancillary character Marmaduke “Moose” Mason, who is characterized as the best athlete in Archie Comics’ fictional Riverdale … Read more

One Punch Man (review)

One Punch Man Self-Published/Shueisha/Viz Media, 2009-present Author: One “One-Punch Man” originally started in 2009 as a shonen parody webcomic by an author working under the pseudonym “One.” The webcomic employs a crude amateurish art style that fits in perfectly with the tone of the story. The plot revolves around a mysterious hero named “Saitama” and … Read more