World Comic Book Review

27th September 2023

The Mighty Thor #1 (Review)


The Mighty Thor #1 Marvel Comics, July 2018 Writer: Jason Aaron Jason Aaron continues his helmsmanship of the two Thor comics, a multidimensional superhero saga, loosely grounded in Norse mythology, published by American superhero publisher Marvel Comics. Mr Aaron has been writing Thor’s adventures since 2012. We have spent a lot of time and used … Read more

Avengers #1 (Review)


Avengers #1 Marvel Comics, May 2018 Writer: Jason Aaron American comic book publisher Marvel Comics is making hay while the sun shines with the release of this new title, Avengers. Despite visual similarities with Marvel Cinematic Universe’s versions of The Avengers, the comic Avengers #1 has no connections to the recently released and highly successful … Read more

Absolute Power: The Unworthy Thor #1 (review)

The Unworthy Thor #1 Marvel Comics, January 2017 Writer: Jason Aaron Over the course of the past four years, comic book writer Jason Aaron has taken a creatively stagnant title, Marvel Comics’ “Thor”, and radically increased sales which, amongst other commercial successes, caused Marvel Comics to engage Mr Aaron on an exclusive basis. The decision … Read more