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20th September 2023

REVIEW: Doctor Strange Prelude #1 (of 2)

Doctor Strange Prelude #1 (o f2) (review)
(Marvel Comics, September 2016)
Writer: Will Corona Pilgrim

“Dr Strange” is a forthcoming movie starring English actor Benedict Cumberbatch. Mr Cumberbatch is known for his colourful role in the esoteric British television adaption of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s books concerning fictional detective Sherlock Holmes. In the motion picture, Mr Cumberbatch plays Dr Stephen Strange, a physician who, following an accident which has ruined his hands, seeks out a Tibetan mystic. The mystic teaches sorcery to Dr Strange. The promotional teasers for the motion picture are striking and exciting.

The title to this particular comic notes that the story within does not sit within the shared continuity between comic book titles published by Disney-subsidiary Marvel Comics. Instead a red seal on the front cover proclaims, “Marvel Cinematic Universe Official Tie-In”. The title this seems intended to attract new readers who might be intrigued by the promotional activity around the forthcoming movie.

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