World Comic Book Review

30th November 2023

Ares: God of War (2006) (revisited)—“Prepare your children for war”

Writer: Mike Oeming Artists: Travel Foreman, Derek Fridolfs Marvel Comics, 2006 LOVE IMPELS ME TO DESTROY you and all your ways. So states war. The purpose of war in the five-issue ARES story written by Mike Oeming, from 2006, is not about hatred, rather about securing one’s heritage, father to son, motivated by love, though … Read more

Happy 40th Birthday, Rogue

Creators: Chris Claremont and Michael Golden First appearance: Avengers Annual #10 (1981) (Marvel Comics) Marvel Comics’ mutant Rogue is a long-standing member of the X-Men, and as such, has a convoluted and sometimes contradictory fictional history set in the ongoing soap opera of that superhero team. We do not propose to navigate that particular maze: … Read more

Immortal Hulk #50 (review)

Writer: Al Ewing Artist: Joe Bennett Marvel Comics, 2018-2021 Immortal Hulk has been a very important book for me, a book that has pushed the boundaries of superhero comic books and used the Hulk’s messy and redundant history to its favor in order to create some of the best issues American publisher Marvel comics has … Read more