World Comic Book Review

29th September 2023


Writer: Warren Ellis Artist: Darick Robertson Vertigo Comics / DC Black Label GOOD NEWS: Absolute Transmetropolitan, Volume 3, was released in November 2018. In the beginning, when Spider Jerusalem got a call from the city saying he owed a book on politics, and another one too, or goodbye paycheck, he was a hairy hilltop country … Read more

Revisiting newuniversal (2007-2008)

Writer: Warren Ellis Artist: Salvador Larroca Marvel Comics, 2007-2008 In 2007, Warren Ellis was tasked by American comic book publisher Marvel Comics to re-rig an abandoned 1986-1989 series of titles, called “New Universe”. The New Universe series of titles featured superheroes exiting on a parallel world to that of Marvel Comics’ main characters, created in … Read more

Planetary revisited (plus, a note on the accusations made against Warren Ellis)

Writer: Warren Ellis Artist: John Cassidy DC Comics / WildStorm, 1999-2009 We had for some time been seeking to revisit Planetary. This is a comic book series which ran intermittently from 1999 to 2009, published by WildStorm, an imprint of American comic book publisher DC Comics. The irony of exploring a comic book which explored … Read more